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bridging cultural and language differences
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Auger Communications is a consulting and educational services firm dedicated to
drawing out the wisdom, power and creativity of individuals, groups, and communities

We help you transform the way you relate and communicate so you can inspire trust and
mutual respect and foster greater collaboration and innovation.

We specialize in empowerment-based approaches for learning and providing care and
customer-driven service.

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Improve Access and Quality of Prenatal Care for Latinas and their families

Transform HOW you teach prenatal education with the...

Teach-With-Stories Method™

Teaching with stories is one of the oldest forms of education and found in cultures around the world. The Teach-With-Stories (TWS) Method™ combines this oral tradition with evidence-based research and modern influences, including Paulo Freire, Malcolm Knowles, and Jean Baker Miller.

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Use the TWS Method™ with our bilingual De Madre A Madre Prenatal Care photonovels

De Madre a Madre Photonovels
(also known as photonovelas, fotonovelas)

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To order the De Madre A Madre Prenatal Care Photonovels
Building A National
Free Publication Network!

Working together we can make our new and updated full color prenatal care photonovels available for just the cost of shipping & handling! 
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