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About Us
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."
Richard Bach

"Medical science has demonstrated that our simple caring for each other sustains us and enables us to better survive...
Community heals."

Rachel Remen, M.D.

"First, learn to listen. And listen and listen...Markets are really conversations."
David Siegal
Futurize Your Enterprise: Business Strategy in the Age of the E-Customer

Our Mission

To transform how people relate and communicate in order to build
power-with-others and enhance their own sense of power-from-within.

Our Vision

By fostering mutual respect, power-sharing, and cultural humility, we help find ways to strengthen our relationships and improve organizational, community, and group dynamics.
Our Approach

In business, it's called customer-driven service and facilitative leadership.

In health, it's patient-centered or person-centered care.

In education, it's a collaborative or learner-centered model.

In communications, it's known as a culture-centered approach.

What It Means In Practice:

  • We start by listening to your needs and understanding your vision.
  • We partner with you and your staff to accomplish your objectives.
  • We assemble, if needed, a specialized project team with the expertise and experience to achieve the desired results.

Company History

Auger Communications was founded in 1997 by Susan Auger, a writer, social worker, and consultant who believed in finding ways to help people and groups realize their innate wisdom and potential. In 1998, she launched a publishing company, Aprendo Press, to publish and distribute innovative health education materials. Aprendo Press was incorporated under the umbrella of Auger Communications, Inc. in 2006.

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