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De Madre A Madre Prenatal Care Photonovels

In the De Madre A Madre Photonovel Series, Lupe and her relatives and friends tell their stories about what it's like to be pregnant and how to stay healthy during pregnancy. Each character is in a different stage of pregnancy. This way the changing experiences and questions during the different phases of pregnancy emerge naturally throughout the stories.

  •      Lupe is 3 months pregnant with her first baby. 
  •      Rosa is Lupe's sister-in-law and is currently breastfeeding her second child.
  •      Ana is Rosa 's sister. She's 9 months pregnant.
  •      Carmen, 6 months pregnant, is Ana's best friend.

In the story about risks, Isabel, a mutual friend, has a premature baby. In the photonovel about labor and delivery, Ana has her baby. In the subsequent stories, immediate postpartum care and breastfeeding are addressed.

 Essential Prenatal Care Topics covered:

1)   Pregnancy: Lupe va a tener un bebé / Lupe is Going to Have a Baby
       Key topics: conception, menstruation, fetal development, due dates, self-care for
       each trimester 

2)   Clinic: Lupe visita la clínica / Lupe Visits the Clinic
       Key topics: Breast & pelvic exam, pap smear, easing common discomforts

3)   Nutrition: Consejos para un embarazo sano / Advice for a Healthy Pregnancy
       Key topics: Nutrition, WIC program, stress management, listeriosis, avoiding lead exposure

4)    Risks: Rosa habla de reisgos durante el embarazo / Rosa Talks about Risks
        During Pregnancy

       Key topics: Premature labor, what to avoid, healthy alternatives, when to call 911

5)    Labor: Ana tiene a su bebé / Ana Has Her Baby
       Key topics: Preparing for and managing labor, common decisions new parents make,
       car seat safety

6)    First Week: La primera semana con el bebé / The First Week with Baby
       Key topics: Immediate postpartum care for mother and baby, safety tips,
       umbilical cord care, caring for a crying newborn, when to call the doctor, and depression

7)    Breastfeeding: Las mamas dan consejos de cómo amamantar / Mothers Give Advice
        on Breastfeeding

        Key topics: Colostrum, latching on, answers to common problems and concerns, ways to
        pump and save breast milk
  • Each story is complete with a bilingual glossary of key words, activities, and illustrations to improve understanding.
  • Unique bilingual layout with numbered dialog bubbles make the stories easy-to-follow in both languages.
  • Print Size: 8 ½ X 11.  24 pages. Bilingual: Spanish and English. Full Color. 

Supplemental Edition: El embarazo y diabetes/Pregnancy & Diabetes
      Key topics: emotional impact, different types of diabetes, insulin, tips to manage blood
      sugar, signs of high and low blood sugar and what to do, when to call 911

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Note: Customization of the back cover is an option for bulk orders and license agreements.

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