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Latino Focus
Committed to Improving Quality Care and Reducing Health Disparities 

Auger Communications has long-standing partnerships with groups dedicated to serving Latino communities.  See Partners below and our Community Advisory Board

With our partners, we can:
  • Develop and facilitate staff training programs to help you serve these communities more effectively
  • Conduct focus groups and fielding-testing in Spanish and English 
  • Create or tailor existing health education programs and materials to ensure they are culturally and linguistically appropriate for Spanish-speaking families

Inter-Am English & Spanish Communications
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Auger Communications and Inter-Am have been collaborating on projects for more than a decade. Our partnership is dedicated to developing quality, culturally appropriate health education programs and materials for Latino families with low literacy skills. We work simultaneously in English and Spanish when developing bilingual materials. These products are extensively field-tested with diverse stakeholders. Our collaborative process preserves the spirit, meaning, and appropriateness of health messages across cultures. See Aprendo Press for samples of our work.

Migrant Clinicians Network
Austin, Texas

The Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) partners with Auger Communications to improve clinical services for farmworkers.  MCN’s mission is to be a force for healthcare justice for the mobile poor and represents a national network of clinicians working to provide healthcare services for migrant and immigrant workers. MCN serves on the Community Advisory Board of the Auger Communications Small Business Innovations Research project and provided access to perinatal clinicians for a survey of practice experience.

National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc.
Buda, Texas

Partners since 2000, we have worked together in a variety of ways, including serving as a consultant to NCFH corporate headquarters. In 2003, we developed a model two-day cultural competency training program for health professionals and front-line staff serving Hispanic farmworkers. Currently, NCFH's Center for Leadership Training, in partnership with Auger Communications, offers this two-day training and other customized cultural competency workshops for community health centers and other organizations across the United States.

University of North Carolina Center for Maternal & Infant Health
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Center for Maternal and Infant Health's mission is to improve the health of North Carolina's women and infants through quality clinical services, provider and patient education, research, advocacy, and statewide leadership. The Center’s care coordination team helps families with high-risk pregnancies and medically fragile infants to navigate a complex health care system, working with them to make sure they receive the best care available. The Center also works hard to facilitate smooth communication with hundreds of referring OB/GYNS and pediatricians across the state.

UNC Center staff serve on numerous statewide infant mortality prevention committees and public health campaigns. These include the Governor’s Child Fatality Task Force, the NC Perinatal Association, the Perinatal Health Committee, the SIDS Risk Reduction Committee, the Breastfeeding Workgroup, and the Women and Tobacco Coalition for Health. The Center provides leadership to two major state campaigns - one focusing on recurring preterm birth prevention and the second on smoking cessation for pregnant women and new mothers.

The Center also has a research portfolio with a focus on health services research. Currently, the UNC Center is the research institution partner for Auger Communications' Small Business Business Innovations Research (SBIR) Phase I grant funded through the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities and the National Institutes of Health.   


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