auger communications, inc.

"We do not serve the weak or the broken. What we serve is the wholeness in each other and the wholeness of life. The part in you that I serve is the same part that is strengthened in me when I serve."
            Rachel Remen, MD

"Learning occurs in one of four ways:
by elaborating existing frames of reference,
by learning new frames of reference,
by transforming points of view, or
by transforming habits of mind."

                Jack Mezirow

Enhance Communication
Realize Transformative Outcomes

  • Improve communication and understanding to foster an environment of greater respect, creativity, and innovation. 
  • Customize your services and educational materials to better meet the needs of the communities you serve. 
  • Ensure that your health and safety programs and materials are clear, understandable, and relevant to your target audiences.

Tailored Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

We can:

  • Design and facilitate: focus groups; community forums; strategic and action planning processes; meetings; and ongoing groups.
  • Assess organizational or community needs.
  • Develop customized training programs. Topics include: cultural competency, health literacy, collaboration, facilitation. 
  • Create and facilitate empowerment-based, participatory educational programs
  • Create and field-test easy-to-read educational materials.

Our hourly, daily, and project-based fee structures give you flexibility to meet your needs and budget.

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