Selected Clients

  • Alcohol Drug Council of North Carolina
  • Child Mental Health Division, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
  • Conservation Council of North Carolina
  • The Durham Center
  • Durham System of Care
  • Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement, NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety
  • First Citizens Bank
  • Glaxo-Wellcome, Inc.
  • Greater Awareness for Idaho Nurses, Department of Nursing, Boise State University
  • Johnston County Schools
  • Kerzner International Resorts, Inc., Bahamas
  • Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for the Sociology of Health and Medicine at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • National Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Program, Cornell University
  • National AgrAbility Project
  • National Center for Farmworker Health
  • National Training Institute for Child Health Consultants, University of North Carolina
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
  • Nutrition Services Branch, North Carolina Division of PublicHealth
  • North Carolina Substance Abuse Prevention Providers Association
  • North Carolina Collaborative Alcohol Management Project for University Success (C.A.M.P.U.S) Project
  • North Carolina Governor’s Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
  • North Carolina Community Health Center Association
  • North Carolina Governor’s Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc.
  • North Carolina Physicians' Leadership Council on Substance Abuse
  • Office of Women’s Health, Illinois Department of Public Health
  • OHSU Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness
  • Piedmont Health Services, Inc.
  • RecoveryNC
  • Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (R.A.S.S.) Advisory Board
  • Study to Prevent Alcohol Related Consequences (S.P.A.R.C.), Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Examples by Area

Public Health

  • Facilitation: S.P.A.R.C. Facilitator Training
  • HIV/AIDS:  An HIV/AIDS Patient & Caregiver Program 
  • Prenatal Care:  Teach-With-Stories Method for Prenatal Education
  • Women’s Wellness:  Illinois WISEWOMAN Program

Mental Health & Prevention/Recovery from SUDs

  • ADCNC/Sunrise Recovery Resource Center
  • NC Mental Health Systems Transformation Project
  • NC Legal Education & Substance Abuse Curriculum Project
  • NC Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service (RASS) Advisory Board
  • RecoveryNC
  • Safe and Drug-Free School Program


  • National AgrAbility Project
  • National Center for Farmworker Health
  •  National Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Program


  • Idaho System of Care Conference: Cultural Issues in Assessments
  • The European Union's Migrant-Friendly Hospitals Project
  • National Training Institute for Child Health Consultants