Teach-With-Stories Learning Community

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The TWS Learning Community is a group of individuals and organizations who come together in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration to develop and use stories in ways that promote learning, connection, and health among individuals, families, and communities.

Shared Values: Inclusion, caring, transformational learning, equity, and social justice   

We are committed to:

  • Building communities that are safe and support healing and growth so we can all flourish.
  • Strengthening health literacy and cultural and linguistic competency among individuals, communities, and systems of care. 
  • Innovative partnerships and socially responsible corporate citizenship

A SPECIAL THANKS to our Learning Partners and Supporters over the years...

including the National Institute of Minority Health & Health Disparities, March of Dimes, Piedmont Health Services, Inc, members of our TWS Study Team and Community Advisory Board and their respective organizations, the Scientific & Promotora Advisors, and the participants in our community-based participatory research. 

Creating a Circle of Support

TWS Circle of Support

Teach-With-Stories Resources

Looking for resources to help you prepare and implement a TWS program?

Consider your experience and wisdom, the TWS program materials and training, potential team members and partners in your community and in the broader TWS circle.


ABC's of TWS Program Implementation

These manuals are designed to help you coordinate, facilitate, and evaluate your Teach-With-Stories Prenatal Program.

The TWS Facilitation Training Package (Manual C + videos) focuses on cultivating and coaching people on core group skills needed to be an effective TWS facilitator. These skills can be used in any type of participatory or person/family/culture-centered program. 

The TWS Training Videos compare and contrast effective and ineffective facilitator behaviors in the context of typical TWS prenatal groups.


Teach-With-Stories Blog

The Art of Facilitating for Health, Equity

 and Transformational Change

For the latest reflections, on-going dialog, lessons learned, links to videos related to putting the Teach-With-Stories Method into practice

Teach-With-Stories Training

Tailored TWS Prenatal Training Programs

TWS Prenatal Training Program: One Example

TWS Prenatal Training Program: One Example


Busy agencies and clinics, coordinating multiple schedules, and budget constraints can make arranging staff training and launching a new program a challenge. 

Together, we are discovering creative partnerships and innovative ways to share resources.  

Interested in starting a TWS Prenatal Education Program in your community?

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a training program(s) to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

 Cost:  Will vary according to level of customization and technical assistance desired. 

TWS Prenatal Training Program: One Example

TWS Prenatal Training Program: One Example

TWS Prenatal Training Program: One Example


Our experience developing and testing the Teach-With-Stories Method in a variety of communities and practice settings has taught us many strategies to launch and maintain a successful  TWS Prenatal Program for Latinas. 

Where to start?
Here's one model of training and support for a TWS Prenatal Program.


  1. Interactive TWS Train-The-Trainer workshop (1 day)
  2. Telephone support and/or on-site coaching* 
  3. At least 2-3 'practice' sessions for new facilitators plus team coaching & debriefing sessions as needed* 

*Amount will depend on level of experience and background of new facilitators

Interactive TWS Train-The-Trainer Workshop


  • Introduce, model, and practice facilitation skills
  • Strengthen organizational and community networks to successfully launch and sustain the program

Bilingual program facilitators, key prenatal care staff (e.g. those involved in supervision or referral), other key stakeholders in community or referring agencies, potential collaborators or funders

TWS Participatory Sessions/Presentations

TWS Participatory Sessions/Presentations

TWS Participatory Sessions/Presentations


 Want to raise awareness of the value of participatory approaches and how they differ from traditional, didactic approaches?

  • We can design and deliver participatory-based educational sessions and presentations for your intended audience(s).

TWS Facilitator Training Programs

TWS Participatory Sessions/Presentations

TWS Participatory Sessions/Presentations

Want to apply the TWS Methodto an area other than prenatal education?

  • We can brainstorm ideas for adapting the Teach-With-Stories Method and photonovels for other health topics or for developing an educational curriculum that incorporates the TWS Method™ and other types of stories.

Interested in learning how to implement participatory education approaches like the TWS Method™?

  • We can provide general facilitation skills-based training on how to facilitate participatory-based approaches.

We are available for consultation on an hourly or project basis.    

Creating a Circle of Support

Manual A: Creating a Circle of Support (pdf)